A Family Owned and Operated Group of Companies.

From humble port side beginnings to a flourishing development and construction business, determination and vision have been paramount in our growth.

Starting in 1970’s with Kerry Parsons qualifying as a registered builder and moving from single to multiple residential developments, and then beyond into multi lot subdivisional developments (designing patented water treatment solutions along the way) innovation and creative problem solving has always been critical to our success.

Always looking to the future and aware of the trend toward small lot living, the business diversified and moved into the development and construction of commercial storage facilities.

Parsons Group has now provided the WA market with the majority of all large scale storage facilities as a member of the ASSA, and 11 of 21 facilities under the big two brands of National and Storage King.

Our passion for boating and an understanding of the demand in WA for recreational boating infrastructure, led to the acquisition and amalgamation of three DOT held lots in Fremantle Fishing Boat harbour. This became the site of WA’s first large scale dedicated boat stacking facility (sold in 2013).

The recent sale of assets to ASX listed companies further demonstrates the quality and demand for our built form products. 2014 and beyond has seen a return to the demand for Storage unit facilities and currently Parsons Group is identifying new sources of input materials, innovative design and installation techniques to stay ahead of the pack and provide turn key developments mindful of the need to leave a bit in for the end user.